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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2013


The CoC accreditation standards require an annual 90% follow-up rate for all living, eligible, analytic patients diagnosed within the last 5 years and an 80% follow-up for all eligible analytic cases from the cancer registry's reference date.  Participating registries report patient follow-up to the NCDB annually. The PUF data do not include cause of death information, so cause-specific survival cannot be calculated. It is recommended that survival analyses be restricted to patient cohorts with only one reported cancer diagnosis (Sequence Number 00) in order to avoid confounding outcomes with patients who may have been diagnosed and treated for a separate malignancy.  Vital Status information is not included for patients diagnosed in 2013 due to the limited follow up for these patients.

The PUF data also include both 30 and 90 day mortality for patients undergoing surgical resection (Surgery Primary Site Codes 20-90).  If analyzing these data items at the facility level, the researcher needs to limit cases to those for whom the surgery was performed at the facility, using the variable Surgery at this Facility. The 30 and 90 day mortality items also do not include data for 2013 diagnoses, due to limited follow up.

If calculating survival, note that you may not publish or present any PUF data that compares your facility’s survival to the survival in the PUF. For more information on this policy, please refer to the letter sent to Commission on Cancer facilities in February 2015: