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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2013

Cancer Program Category

The PUF is limited to cancer programs currently accredited by the CoC. Hospital Type provides a general classification of the reporting facility's structural characteristics, and defines a portion of the criteria required for CoC Accreditation. PUFs identify reporting facilities as one of four types: Community, Comprehensive, Teaching/Research hospitals, or Integrated Network Cancer Programs. These categories follow the classification scheme used by the CoC accreditation program, and are determined by a variety of factors. Some types of accredited facilities have been excluded from the PUF, including federal hospitals and, except in pediatric/young adult PUF files, pediatric centers. For additional details, please see the document "Data De-Identification and Confidentiality Patient Case Records and CoC-Accredited Cancer Programs" posted in the PUF on-line Data Dictionary. This item is suppressed for cases aged 0-39.