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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2013

Year of Initial Diagnosis

The 2013 PUF Release includes data for patients diagnosed between 2004 through 2013. The year of diagnosis should be used to select patients appropriate to the timeframe of the planned analysis. The availability of some data items is determined by diagnosis year, and not all data items in the PUF are available throughout the entire ten-year span of the PUF. To verify availability of data items by diagnosis year, be sure to review the description of each item in the on-line Data Dictionary.


File Name

Diagnosis Years Included

Date of Release

α Test Release

1998 – 2007

April 2010

βPUF Release

1998 – 2010

August 2012

2011 PUF Release

1998 – 2011

August 2013

2012 Semi-Annual PUF Releases

1998 – 2012

December 2014 and April 2015

2013 Semi-Annual PUF Releases

2004 – 2013

Fall 2015 and TBD