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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2013


(Except for non-solid tumors)
00      None; no surgery of primary site; autopsy ONLY
17      Local tumor destruction, NOS
         No specimen sent to pathology from surgical event 17.
25      Total removal of tumor or (single) ovary, NOS
         26      Resection of ovary (wedge, subtotal, or partial) ONLY, NOS; unknown if hysterectomy done
         27      WITHOUT hysterectomy
         28      WITH hysterectomy
35      Unilateral (salpingo-)oophorectomy; unknown if hysterectomy done
         36      WITHOUT hysterectomy
         37      WITH hysterectomy
50      Bilateral (salpingo-)oophorectomy; unknown if hysterectomy done
         51      WITHOUT hysterectomy
         52      WITH hysterectomy
55      Unilateral or bilateral (salpingo-)oophorectomy WITH OMENTECTOMY, NOS; partial or total; unknown if hysterectomy done
         56      WITHOUT hysterectomy
         57      WITH hysterectomy
60      Debulking; cytoreductive surgery, NOS
         61      WITH colon (including appendix) and/or small intestine resection (not incidental)
         62      WITH partial resection of urinary tract (not incidental)
         63      Combination of 61 and 62
Debulking is a partial or total removal of the tumor mass and can involve the removal of multiple organ sites. It may include removal of ovaries and/or the uterus (a hysterectomy). The pathology report may or may not identify ovarian tissue. A debulking is usually followed by another treatment modality such as chemotherapy.
70      Pelvic exenteration, NOS
         71      Anterior exenteration
Includes bladder, distal ureters, and genital organs WITH their ligamentous attachments and pelvic lymph nodes.
         72      Posterior exenteration
Includes rectum and rectosigmoid WITH ligamentous attachments and pelvic lymph nodes.
         73      Total exenteration
Includes removal of all pelvic contents and pelvic lymph nodes.
         74      Extended exenteration
         Includes pelvic blood vessels or bony pelvis.
80      (Salpingo-)oophorectomy, NOS
         Specimen sent to pathology from surgical events 25–80.
90      Surgery, NOS
99         Unknown if surgery performed; death certificate ONLY