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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2013


Meninges C70.0–C70.9, Brain C71.0–C71.9,
Spinal Cord, Cranial Nerves and Other Parts of Central Nervous System C72.0–C72.9 
(Except for non-solid tumors)
Do not code laminectomies for spinal cord primaries.
00      None; no surgery of primary site; autopsy ONLY
10      Tumor destruction, NOS
         No specimen sent to pathology from surgical event 10.
Do not record stereotactic radiosurgery as tumor destruction. It should be recorded in the radiation treatment items.
90      Surgery, NOS

99      Unknown if surgery performed; death certificate ONLY

Note: Surgery codes have been changed over time for these sites, and registry coding is so inconsistent that only these combinations are valid.  From the raw coding in FORDS, codes 20-90 are grouped as 90 in the PUF files.